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What is Online Physiotherapy?

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

1. What are Online Physiotherapy Consults?

Online Physiotherapy Consults or Telehealth Consults are an online video-based appointment with your Physiotherapist. Much like a normal consult you will be asked about the history and nature of your problem, you may be asked to do some movements and exercises in front of the camera and a diagnosis and treatment options provided to you. They allow you to access a Physiotherapist from the comfort of your home or work.

2. Is an Online Consult appropriate for me?

The majority of musculoskeletal conditions are appropriate for treatment via an online consult. If you need referral elsewhere or the condition isn’t appropriate for an Online Consult we will let you know ASAP and help you find a more suitable Health Provider.

3. What do I need for my consult?

An internet connection and a laptop/tablet with the camera and microphone enabled. You will receive a link from Physitrack, our exercise-based software, over which we will establish the call. The program works best on Google Chrome. Pop-ups need to be enabled from the Physitrack website for the video window to open (you can add it to your safe list of websites). Headphones can be useful to cut the background noise and make conversation clearer. Good lighting is helpful for us to see you well, especially for assessment.

Ideally dress in exercise clothing. We need to be able to see the body part and ask you to move around so choose an area with some space. If you have any exercise equipment at home it can be useful to have access to this.

4. Can I use Facetime or another platform?

We only use Physitrack as it is encrypted for data protection and this allows us to screen share exercises with you during the consult.

5. How effective is Online Physiotherapy?

There is a growing body of research showing online physiotherapy can be as effective as Traditional consults. Manual therapy (or hands on treatment) is only one part of what we do and is not required in many cases. Education, lifestyle advice and specific exercise prescription are very effective at changing pain and provide long term benefit. If you would benefit from more Traditional Manual Therapy you will be advised in your consult.

6. What follow up will I get?

After your appointment you may be sent a video-based rehab program using our Physitrack software. Videos can be great for prompting your memory about exercises. There is also a chat function on Physitrack where you can report issues with anything given to you. We will aim to respond to you within 24 hours.

7. How do I pay for my consult?

We ask that patients download the free and secure Hicaps Go app and register an account. You will need to add a Credit or Debit card and your Private Health Insurance card (optional). At the conclusion of your appointment you will receive a text message requesting payment, which should be automatic on accepting the request.

8. What is the cost for a consult?

Cost for a consult is $115, sessions last approximately 30 minutes.

9. Is it covered by my Private Health Insurance?

It has been announced from Tuesday 14 April 2020 some Private Health funds will pay for an Online Physiotherapy consult provided:

- You have seen the Physiotherapist within the past 6 months and are seeking follow up treatment for the same issue; or

- You have been recommended by a GP or specialist for new patients; and

- The reason for the consult is

· Rehabilitation post orthopaedic surgery

· A chronic musculoskeletal condition

· Cardiac rehabilitation

· Pulmonary rehabilitation

· Pelvic floor muscle training

These indications may change and look likely to be reviewed before 30 September 2020. We recommend you check with your Private Health policy.

10. How do I claim from my Private Health fund?

The claim must be paid for in full and the customer claim back from their Private Health fund. Unfortunately we are unable to use Hicaps for direct claiming currently.

11. What about Medicare?

It is anticipated that our patients on a Medicare Enhanced Primary Care Program for Chronic Disease Management will be able to access this service for their treatment. This is being urgently reviewed now and a policy should be put in place for roll out by the end of March.

Please contact us if you have any further queries.

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