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Online Services

We offer a range of online services from the comfort of your home.  

  • Online Physiotherapy Consults

Online Physiotherapy consults allow for diagnosis and a treatment from the comfort of your home.  Your appointment will involve a detailed history of the problem which will assist in diagnosis and allow us to identify all contributing factors.  You may then be asked to perform a range of movements and tests before providing you with a treatment plan to address your issues.  ​ If your problem requires referral on or an alternative treatment approach we will let you know.  More information available here. 

  • Online Rehabilitation and Performance Classes

Our popular Advanced Sports Performance and Rehab classes are now also available online to help you reach your goals.   The format is similar to our clinic based classes however you are able to dial in via video link from home for the session. We are able to take into account current equipment availability for a truly personalized plan.  Book your session today.  

  • Personalized Gym Programs

This is a plan devised to meet your individual goals whether its increased general strength, performance or fitness.  Consideration is given to injury, available equipment and training history. A standard program consists of 3 sessions per week; programs are written in 4 weekly cycles (microcycles) and videos of exercises provided.

You will be required to complete questionnaires regarding goals, injury and training history.  If you have a particularly complex injury history or current limiting injuries; please consider booking a Sports Physiotherapy Consult to allow for assessment first.

  • Strength Programs for Runners   

​These programs are aimed at injury prevention and performance for the Runner. Both Beginner and Advanced programs are available and consist of three sessions per week over a 4 week cycle (microcycles). Videos will be provided of the exercises.

You will be required to complete some questionnaires regarding goals, injury and training history.

If you have a particularly complex injury history or current limiting injuries; please consider booking a Sports Physiotherapy Consult to allow for thorough assessment first.

  •  Online Running Programs

​ An online personalized 12 week running plan designed for you by an APA Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist and Athletics Australia Running Coach. Specializing in creating programs for those returning from injury or

carrying niggles.  Includes weekly email check ins.  

If you have a current injury limiting your ability to exercise please consider booking a Sports Physiotherapy assessment first. 

For more information on any of our services please contact us.

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